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a deeper love marriage retreat


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My husband and I have attended this couples retreat for the past two years, and it has been such a wonderful experience for us. Together, we were able to encounter the Holy Spirit in a way that we never have before, we clearly heard His voice as to what He had planned for our marriage. My favorite part of the retreat is the date, intentional time together with no agenda. When can you ever get that as a busy couple with many children? It has been very fruitful for us and I would highly recommend!

Rachel and Eric

We had a great experience at the Deeper Love Marriage Retreat. Over our years with kids, we had gotten so busy that couple retreats and couple spiritual development took a back seat. As parents, it's so hard to find time for individual and couple time both in prayer and at Mass. The retreat gave us much needed time to center that relationship with each other and God for a whole day and remember why we were called to each other in the first place. The retreat started and ended with the sacraments, and was filled in the middle with inspiring speakers, reflective exercises, community building activities, and prayer. I left feeling like my cup was full. The entire experience really reminded me how essential the sacraments are to fulfilling our marriage vows, loving fully, and keeping our marriage strong in a way that the secular world cannot offer.

Charissa and Adam

The retreat was exactly what my husband and I needed! In our hectic lifestyle it can be difficult to take some time just the two of us to really think about our faith and grow in our relationship with one another and with God. This retreat met us where we are each at in our spiritual life while also giving us time to discuss, play and just enjoy one another's company.

Becca and Jason

A Deeper Love marriage retreat was refreshing for our souls and our marriage union. The retreat was very well organized. The hosts took the "little details" into consideration to facilitate a great experience. There was time for rest, activity, sacraments and speakers. There was being together, "just us" and fellowship with other faith-filled, seeking couples. It was an honor to participate. My husband and I would highly recommend taking time to "put out into the deep" (Luke 5).

Brooke and Dane

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