About the Retreat

Why Plan A Marriage Retreat?

After I had my fourth son, I received shocking news that my brother was getting a divorce after nine years of marriage. It hit me hard. I prayed about it frequently and one afternoon God made me look in the mirror and told me to ask myself, how is your marriage? Due to the tired, emotional, and life-draining nature of parenthood, I couldn’t answer him in the way I wanted to. I loved Jon, but life was so busy and we didn’t make time for each other. God placed it on my heart to plan a marriage retreat. I planned the retreat in two months and seven couples came. Afterwards, I felt God tugging on my heart to plan another. I reached out to friends to help with babysitting, tech work, and photography. After four days of open registration, we were sold out and had 25 couples signed up! It was so amazing to see God touch so many couples’ hearts!


Our fourth annual marriage retreat will be held at our farm, Weber Farm, again this year. Why you ask? We held our second retreat in Ames at St. Thomas and afterwards I realized it didn’t give the retreat feeling I was wanting. I wanted couples to come and feel calm, energized, and not worry about children or the fast paced world! I wanted couples to come see the sunset, walk on the gravel roads, or play games without children interrupting them. I wanted to have them enjoy meals with their spouse and other like-minded adults! I wanted a retreat to focus on marriage and the gifts within the beauty God has given us all. Due to the new venue and wanting to maintain the peacefulness of the farm, we will not have babysitting provided this year. However, if you need assistance in finding a reliable sitter you may contact us for suggestions.

Why Is This Retreat Different?

There are no small groups. You don’t have to share your struggles of your marriage with anyone but your spouse! You can expect confession, mass, and realistic speakers that discuss real-life marriages, not the perfect marriages portrayed on social media. We will have an opportunity for a date lunch with just your spouse and a group date with all of the couples. Once again, we have a whole team of people volunteering their time. From musicians to decorators we have a team working to make this retreat better than each one before it.

Dreams Do Come True

Before Jon and I had children, we had dreams of having a retreat center on our property so we could have our high school youth group come and do retreats out here. Then we had children and with the busyness of life we didn’t think about it again until Jon built a new building for all his work equipment. Then we felt God reminding us of our dream. Now, ten years later, the teens we once wanted this retreat center for, are now married and having kids. Isn’t it funny how God works?


Registration will open the first week of June. Click here for this year’s speakers and schedule.


Hi, I’m Christina Weber! I’m married to Jonathan Weber. Together we have four boys #boymom and call a three acre farm home #weberfarm. Jon has remodeled every room in our 1800’s farmhouse. We have a huge garden that our parents help maintain, 15 chickens, three dogs, and three cats. Every boy’s dream come true: from dirt to sand and rocks! But when it comes down to it, we really love our little slice of heaven on earth because of the pure quietness and peace away from the noisy world.